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  • An isle full of noises – the Merlin chronicles volume 3 av Rhuddem Gwelin

    ”Why Elizabeth? Was hers an age of glory or was it tarnished gold? Why this life?” An England in turmoil. Religious conflicts, wars, poverty. A world turned upside down. An England in splendour. An England of hope. Shakespeare’s England. Merlin’s mission in this third life is to protect Queen Elizabeth I. But why? And what […]

  • Rhuddem Gwelin om The Wrathful Treller

    Berätta om din bok! The Wrathful Traveller är Del 2 i en serie på 5 böcker som handlar om den legendariska trollkarlen Merlin. Enligt legenden har han aldrig dött utan sover i väntan på…ja, på vad? I denna roman har han väckts till liv kring år 1100 med en ny mission – han ska skydda […]

  • The Wrathful Traveller – the Merlin Chronicles Volume 2 av Rhuddem Gwelin

    ’Tantum religio potuit suadere malrum!’ Only religion can lead to such evil. Such is Merlin’s anguished cry as he witnesses the destruction of Jerusalem. The year is 1099.As Merlin’s past life interweaves with this one and people from that life mix with new ones, his mission emerges: to accompany Wilda to the Holy Land to […]

  • The Nature of Things – the story of Myrddin Emrys – the Merlin Chronicles Volume 1 av Rhuddem Gwelin

    Is magic dying? In sixth century Britain the new religion Christianity wages war against the Druids and other people of nature, against magic  itself. The persecution of sorcerers is ferocious. Into these violent and dangerous times four children are born – Myrddin, Morrie, Arthur, Gwen. Their destiny is to come together only to be torn […]

  • Protecting Cheesyfee – The Merlin Chronicles Volume 4 av Rhuddem Gwelin

    We are killing our planet. But there is still hope. Branwen Lewis, the greatest scientist of our time, researching the technology to save the environment, her enemies at her heels. Gwydion Coleman, a man with powers our time does not accept, and a past we don’t believe in. We know him as Merlin. Her mission […]

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