BASIC BODY AWARENESS THERAPY embodied identity av Amanda Lundvik Gyllensten, Kent Skoglund, Inger Wulf

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ISBN : 9789188809582
Språk : English

Many people suffer from chronic pain. Life-style and life-situation-related problems are increasing in society, resulting in growing estrangement, alienation and existential vacuity in both young and old. Mental illness is growing. Basic Body Awareness Therapy (BBAT) is a treatment method where the body and movements are the starting point for improved health. The focus is to strengthen health resources and health potential in each human being and thereby increase empowerment, physical function, activity and participation. In BBAT, everyday movements, Western therapeutic met-hods, and movements inspired by Tai chi to improve balance, stability and movement quality are used. The method includes biomedical, physiological, psycho-socio-cultural and existential perspectives. The movements are simple and integrated with breathing.
In the first part of this book, the reader meets Anna, a stressed woman with pains in her body, anxiety, and relationship problems. The authors let you take part in her therapy process with BBAT. In the next part of the book, theories are presented which are important for understanding the BBAT method. Furthermore, research and knowledge from the areas of postural control/stability, body image, attachment, mindfulness, pedagogy, touch, sexuality and an existential philosophy viewpoint, are presented. In the third and final part of the book, several central BBAT movements in lying, sitting, standing and walking are presented.
The book is intended for health professionals, but also targets an audience who are interested in their own development and health.

ISBN : 9789188809582
Format : 148.00 X 210.00
Språk : English
Sidor. : 168
Utgivningsdatum : 2018/04/20
Författare : Amanda Lundvik Gyllensten,Kent Skoglund,Inger Wulf
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