Be your own personal trainer av Jonas Haeg

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ISBN : 9789163786679
Språk : Swedish

There is a big flaw associated with health and fitness!

We are pushed by the society to lose weight, to be thin because that are healthy?

But what I‘ve noticed during my few years on this earth is that most likely 95% percent does it wrong, starve themselves to a degree where it actually would be more healthy to be obese. You see people all the time struggling to lose weight till summer, prom or weddings so they can look "healthy" to the spectators.

I read training magazines that preaching all kind of bullshit only to sell, Athletes promoting supplements and selling a stories which only make you struggle even more. Came to a point where people start to say that it is okay being unhealthy and overweight because they tried so hard getting in shape following the unrealistic training magazines diets i.e. that they eventually given up, started to telling themselves that being in shape is just not possible for me, I am big boned or I easily put on fat.

But I strongly believe that in the reality we all just lack real information and knowledge. The past three years I‘ve been reading and learnt a lot of just training and nutrition.

So I decide why not collect all the information that helped me lose weight, gain weight, build muscles or even lose muscles if that what I wanted. And since I have lived this theory myself it is working. It is not an impossible diet or based on some sort of magic pills. But the fact is it‘s just the very basic:

Energy managements – calories in and out. This knowledge takes out the guess work and frustrations associated with how to control or change your weight.

ISBN : 9789163786679
Språk : Swedish
Sidor. : 90
Utgivningsdatum : 2015/06/15
Författare : Jonas Haeg
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