Tell us about your book:


Poetry Nights is about our esthetical thoughts and feelings concerning the softer side of our personality.




How did you start making this book, was it a finished idea or did it grow during the writing process?


Mostly the book was processed and developed as I wrote. There were however some poems that I had saved for this occasion.




What makes you write, what inspires you?



My inspiration comes from everything because there is so much beauty in our world. That beauty is what binds humanity and its destiny as one united soul. Even in our deepest sorrows and miseries the quest for a brighter tomorrow is what makes us try harder and not give up. Of course further illumination on this topic would require me to write another book – an autobiography perhaps.




How did your surroundings react to you being an author?


Well, let me start by saying that I have a romantic understanding of authorship. I guess this made things easier for people that are close to me in accepting my decision towards that goal. The reactions varied, some were supportive, while others skeptical. However after a while when those skeptical understood I was serious about my stated goal, they threw their support behind my decision.




Are you writing on anything new now?


There are several art projects that I am working on right now.




Do you have any tip or advice to others that wants to write a book?



Of course I don’t think I am in a position to give any recommendation or tip on writing, since I myself am debuting author. I would however allow myself modestly to recommend the following: If there is anything that you are passionate about then you should definitely go all the way realizing it. So that the passion doesn’t go into waste and becomes one of your regrets.




Why should people read your book?



That is a great question. Well I would believe that each of us is uniquely positioned to express ourselves in infinite amount of ways. There are above 7 billion people living worldwide. This is one of billion ways to air feelings that are otherwise difficult to express. I want people to read this book and have fun. More importantly consider Poetry Night as a symbol of their passion and make the best out of it. In this way you don’t need to be a poet to enjoy this book.




What do you do when you dont write?



As of today I work as a government bureaucrat and love my job.




Who would you want reading your book?



Obviously I would like everyone to read this book. Because of the previous mentioned reasons. However I would think that those with vast interest in pop culture and pop literature would mostly identify themselves with the theme of the book.