Berätta om din bok!

The Decided Ones is the story of Meriel Wreathe, a young American teacher who moves to Malmö through a work exchange program, and meets Talus Ekdahl, a successful
Internet entrepreneur. He’s charming, intelligent, and funny. And something else… a three hundred year old vampire on the hunt for more than just blood.
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Hur kom boken till?
I developed the storyline over time, however I wrote one of the most tense scenes of the book first. I focused on visualizing the surroundings and atmosphere, and character
During the writing process, I did a great deal of research on plot formation. There’s quite a lot of contradictory advice out there, and I think the learning process will simply continue
for me. I also discovered the ins and outs of book formatting, including layout and conversion to eBook files like EPUB, mobi, and pdf.

Vad får dig att vilja skriva? Vad inspirerar dig?
Freelance writing is my profession, and I’ve always imagined myself writing a book (or three). I was inspired to write The Decided Ones when I moved to Malmö several years ago. Before starting my copywriting business here, I worked in Copenhagen and commuted by train. Crossing the bridge during those dark winter days with the battering waves, winds and rain, the area just seemed fitting for the setting of a vampire novel.

Skriver du på något nytt nu?
Yes, I’m always writing (for myself) whenever possible. Before publishing The Decided Ones, I started a sci-fi fantasy series called Submerged. The idea for the series stemmed
from my science journalism background and love of scuba diving. Book 4 of the series is coming along.
Submerged is the story of six scuba diving friends caught in a disastrous sea level rise that will submerge the planet. The divers must learn to survive as they seek answers to what
will become of human civilization.The series is based on current scientific evidence of global warming and the accelerated melting of the North and South poles.

Varför ska man läsa din bok?
I think you will enjoy The Decided Ones because it touches upon many sides of human nature that remain constant regardless of where you come from. Meriel is new to Sweden
and sees people and her environment through a different filter. If you’ve ever found yourself in an unfamiliar place, trying to find your own way, you may relate to her.
Then of course, there’s action, modern romance, and an ancient Swedish vampire in town you’ve probably never met ;).

Har du tips eller råd till andra som vill skriva en bok?
First, get organized. Find yourself a good document creation program that allows you to create chapters, save web links, and make notes. That way your ideas won’t get lost.
Secondly, be sure to set aside time during the day to just write (maybe when you’re feeling most creative?). When I wrote The Decided Ones, sometimes 4 a.m. was the only time I had.

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