Beer guide to Vietnam and neighbouring countries av Jonathan Gharbi

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ISBN : 9789163778568
Språk : English

The first beer guide to Vietnam with pictures and details of more than 45 microbreweries. The guide starts with the breweries in Ho Chi Minh City and covers every known destination up to Hanoi which also is the capital of beer with more than 20 breweries. Most of them are unknown, hard to find and only gathering the local crowd. More than 30 of them are making Czech style beer but with a local twist. This is also a general description of the local beer culture and how to understand habits and social rules. Learn how to drink, toast and avoid embarrassments in a nation where beer is everywhere.

The book is based on more than 300 visits and brewery tours that were made 2012-2014 in Vietnam with plenty of unique pictures catching everyday life of staff and customers at breweries and beer establishments. It also introduces the reader about beers and breweries throughout the whole region; from Cambodia and Laos to Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Jonathan Gharbi

ISBN : 9789163778568
Format : 140.00 X 210.00
Språk : English
Sidor. : 115
Utgivningsdatum : 2015/04/17
Författare : Jonathan Gharbi
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