The Wrathful Traveller – the Merlin Chronicles Volume 2 av Rhuddem Gwelin

‘Tantum religio potuit suadere malrum!’ Only religion can lead to such evil. Such is Merlin’s anguished cry as he witnesses the destruction of Jerusalem. The year is 1099.As Merlin’s past life […]
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The Nature of Things – the story of Myrddin Emrys – the Merlin Chronicles Volume 1 av Rhuddem Gwelin

Is magic dying? In sixth century Britain the new religion Christianity wages war against the Druids and other people of nature, against magic  itself. The persecution of sorcerers is ferocious. Into […]
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Voiko nimismies päästä taivaaseen av Karl Augustson

Tämä kertomus on uskomaton, vaikkakin tosi. Tämä on liikuttava ja tunteita kuohuttava kertomus. Näihin seikkoihin törmäsin koko ajan ruotsinkielisiä alkutekstejä suomentaessani. Vaikka päähenkilö joutui koko ajan toinen toistaan vaikeampiin tilanteisiin, […]

Post Mortem World av Daniel Palander

After the massacre in the hotel, Denise finds herself along a team of soldiers on a mission. She is struggling to gain control of her new situation, cast into a […]
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Ticket to hell av Divine Dahlberg

This is a true story about a European woman and an American man, sentenced to prison in the United States of America. He has now spent more than 20 years […]
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Protecting Cheesyfee – The Merlin Chronicles Volume 4 av Rhuddem Gwelin

We are killing our planet. But there is still hope. Branwen Lewis, the greatest scientist of our time, researching the technology to save the environment, her enemies at her heels. Gwydion Coleman, […]
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Muldvarp Jegerne! og 2084! av Mark Roony

Muldvarp Jegerne! ”Vi feirer i dag Norges Nasjonaldag. 17 Mai 2013. Men med sorg å melde, for første gang siden jeg feiret min første nasjonaldag, har det nå falt […]
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The soul av Mladen Jovanovic

The first letter is the name of Lord The second letter is the name of Jesus The third letter makes all the red letters Of Lord´s sons and daughters […]
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Sherill av Anette Skrzyniarz

It is about sherill and here different adventure in Time and Space. She must find the maffia boss when she became a mystique dinosaur agent. When she find her […]
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