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The Process Development Handbook is a part of Frontwalker’s framework for business development, Blueport®. Its task is to link strategies and value offerings with the operational activities that will realize them. A new or adjusted business idea, business strategy, or value offering is translated into a working new organization, in particular in terms of its processes.

The Process Development Handbook describes how to safely and efficiently identify those processes that are required for the business, establish how they should work, describe them well and then formulate sensible requirements for supporting IT systems. It is relatively straight forward and useful regardless of previous method experience.

This is a book for you who are interested in the art of process development, who believe in the use of graphical models to give good pedagogical descriptions of the processes and their relations to supporting information systems, and who are prepared to spend some time to learn the ”tricks of the trade”.



Frontwalker is a consultant firm passionate about creating customer value through developing people, businesses and IT in a holistic way. We want to be “frontwalkers” in both name and deed and this shall permeate all our actions. Since start in 1996, architecture and methodology has been important parts of Frontwalker’s strong market profile. This has attracted a lot of talent into Frontwalker, making our combined expertise in this field quite unique today.

One of the spin-offs of our work is our simple yet powerful business development framework, Blueport, with three fundamental perspectives; strategy, value offering and operations. It is the interplay of these three perspectives that is a key success factor when developing business processes. The book presents Blueport as Frontwalker’s view of best practices for process development based on the international standard UML. Read more at



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