Disrupting Digital av Katarina Cornelius

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ISBN : 9789188883025
Språk : Svenska

Many people already recognise that the world is in the midst of a paradigm shift. A shift where digitalisation is bringing new prerequisites for how we communicate, collaborate and do business. A growing number of us have accepted the need to actively work to stay relevant. But really, is the concept of digital, and digitalisation, good enough to describe what is happening right now — and to guide us?

In Disrupting Digital, Katarina Cornelius offers a much broader perspective on what lies behind this paradigm shift, in which digital technology functions as a tool.

Her book describes 46 keys to growth that give you and your company an edge in navigating our new world. Theoretical analysis is melded with examples of successful companies — for inspiration — and less successful examples to learn from. Then, each chapter ends with questions for you to reflect on and learn how to apply the concepts to your leadership and organisation.

Take command of your transformation — prepare yourself for digital disruption!

Finally, a book that de-mystifies digital transformation and which clearly explains how the new ground rules impact the business world.
– David Erixon, Founder of Hyper Island

ISBN : 9789188883025
Format : 135.00 X 10.00
Språk : Svenska
Utgivningsdatum : 2019/03/06
Författare : DRAFT
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