Enyimba z’abato av Sheila Kalusumu

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ISBN : 9789188559685
Språk : Svenska

Enyimba z’abato (Children‘s Songs) is a beautifully illustrated and thoroughly entertaining children’s book, filled with colorful images inspired by the culture of Baganda.

The first half of the book contains an assortment of popular Luganda children’s songs, including such classics as "Sirikawo Baby", "Emmanju Wa Musa" and "Kaleeba" the anthems of Ugandan childhood, now preserved for future generations.

The second half "Nagenda e Buddu" ("I went to Buddu") is a fun children’s story told in a song in which a young boy tells his friends about his eventful journey to Buddu, and the many questions which arise from the tale.

This book will entertain your child while also educating them about the songs, traditions, clothing, and music of Baganda culture, all in one sturdy package designed to withstand the hands of small children. Pick up your copy today, and enjoy time well spent singing and reading with your child!


ISBN : 9789188559685
Format : 180.00 X 180.00
Språk : Svenska
Sidor. : 52
Utgivningsdatum : 2018/08/31
Författare : Sheila Kalusumu
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