Not all doors were closed av Moussa Abna-Aissa

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ISBN : 9789188915337
Språk : English

You are invited on an extraordinary journey as you open this book. It all starts in an exotic culture in a different continent, where people live in cave houses made of sandstone surrounded by the desert. And with a whole different mindset. You will get to know a young boy who receives his weekly allowance by selling scorpions he has caught. You will meet a teenager who is seeking love and adventure. A young man who feels that the door to a bright future in his homeland is shut before his eyes, leading him to jump on a boat that takes him to another continent.

Mose, whose life journey this book is about, ends up in a European city, but the doors remain shut; thus, the future must lie somewhere else. The journey takes him further to Sweden. One cold winter night, homeless and without a penny in his pocket, he knocks on a door hoping to find a place to stay and spend the night indoors. As the big cold door is shut before his eyes, he has to continue wandering around the streets of Stockholm. About an hour later, he finds himself against all odds, knocking on the same door for the third time. Only this time, he is let inside. That opened door turned out to be the beginning of another journey, even bigger than the one from sand to snow. A journey both inward and outward that finally made sense of everything.

ISBN : 9789188915337
Format : 135.00 X 210.00
Språk : English
Sidor. : 116
Utgivningsdatum : 2019/01/03
Författare : Moussa Abna-Aissa
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