Shakespeare Calling - the book av Ruby Jand

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ISBN : 9789163782626
Språk : English

Why Shakespeare?
Who is this Hamlet?
Is Lady Macbeth really evil? Can Caliban really be a twitchy speeded Goth freak? What‘s so interesting about Lady Blanche, Lucius, Queen Margaret, Cassius, Paulina, Emilia, Celia...? These and many, many more questions sent the new Bardolator Ruby Jand on a personal journey of exploration into the plays of Shakespeare and the search for an explanation of what a 450 year old playwright from Stratford upon Avon means to us today.
After more than three years of blogging, Shakespeare Calling is now a book. A book to be read by scholars, students, theatre enthusiasts and anybody who has ever wondered, "Why Shakespeare?"
Ruby Jand lives in Sweden with her husband Hal. She teaches English and history at a community council school for adults.

ISBN : 9789163782626
Språk : English
Sidor. : 668
Utgivningsdatum : 2015/06/17
Författare : Ruby Jand
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