Stories of The Psyche av Psykologigymansiet Stockholm

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ISBN : 9789188559470
Språk : English

During the autumn of 2016, students studying English at Psykologigymnasiet in Stockholm were given, as one of their assignments, the task of writing stories in the noir, gothic or fantasy traditions. Dark tales are an expression of the darker sides of our nature, and many of the students clearly enjoyed mining the rich emotional content of their imaginations. So together we decided to gather a collection of their writings and publish them in an anthology for the enjoyment of others. The students have taken part in every stage of the process, from the writing of the texts to the graphic design of the book.

ISBN : 9789188559470
Språk : English
Sidor. : 171
Utgivningsdatum : 2016/12/16
Författare : Psykologigymnasiet Stockholm
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