Wise Words in Our World av Christina Fischer

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ISBN : 9789188883858
Språk : English

This is a collection of wisdom and insights of hundreds of people from all over the world throughout history to modern days. They are meant to help you achieve knowledge, happiness, understanding and health.

Perhaps they will make you smile or laugh. You might agree or disagree, like or dislike. What if they also influence you to a new insight, maybe something more genius. Even create new connections in the brain and lead you to greater happiness and joy.

Once the insight on one page is absorbed you will be ready to continue to the next. That is why they are only printed on one page and without any illustrations at all, as that might distract you and so make you lose focus on interpreting the saying.

The book is an excellent present for birthday, Christmas, New Year, graduation etc. It also works as a tool for meaningful conversation and discussions when socializing with friends. In education and school it will come in very handy and build bridges between people of all backgrounds, ages and cultures.

All the Best in your Life!
Keep Healthy and Happy!

ISBN : 9789188883858
Format : 130.00 X 180.00
Språk : English
Sidor. : 346
Utgivningsdatum : 2018/12/06
Författare : Christina Fischer
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