Zamanya : interview with Time av Yigit Kulabas

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ISBN : 9789198023107
Språk : English

ZamanyaInterview with TimeZamanya* (by author Yigit Kulabas) blends fiction, fantasy and philosophy while investigating the concept of time. Meet Kerim, a man who’s invited for a job interview with Time itself. Follow him in twelve locations around the world in this novel that explores weird carnivals, dream watchers and non-sleepers.--------------------Zamanya- Interview with Time, blends fiction, fantasy and philosophy while investigating the concept of time. The novel is based on two parallel tales. Although completely dissimilar in theme, genre and narration, they manage to dance through the story.The book features Kerim who’s invited for a job interview and soon understands that it is not an ordinary company, but Time itself. For centuries, the corporation has developed and marketed concepts like minute, hour, music, calendar, clock, and money. Despite its massive market penetration, Time the company still wants to expand its business. The story is enriched by immortal axolotls, weird carnivals, dream watchers, time barcodes, and non-sleepers.In the parallel tale, Kerim’s roommate Selim starts the day in Istanbul. He is a white collar worker, a slave of time. Everyday he catches the 7am ferry, starts work at 8am and leaves at 5pm. He eats not because he is hungry but it is noon. He is always in a race against time. However, he doesn’t know where he is headed or what his destination is. Unlike Kerim’s remarkable tale, this is an ordinary story based on life, expectations, career, relationships, and self-esteem. The backdrop of the story is provided by twelve different locations (and time zones); San Francisco, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Buenos Aires, Jamaica, Cape Town, Xochimilco, Venice, Chichen Itza, Greenwich, and Cairo. The book was first published in 2006 in Turkish. This magical realism novel is now translated and re-edited for international markets.For more information visit*zaman means time in Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Aramaic and many other Semitic languagesZamanya is a derived artificial word with 2 meanings:1. Zaman|ia: Time Land2. Zaman|mania: Madness of Time

ISBN : 9789198023107
Format : 148.00 X 210.00
Språk : English
Sidor. : 299
Utgivningsdatum : 2012/03/28
Författare : Yigit Kulabas
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