The Optimal RabbitMQ Guide av Lovisa Johansson

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ISBN : 9789163994326
Språk : Svenska

Reliability and scalability are more important than ever. Therefore companies are rethinking their architecture. Monoliths are evolving into microservices and servers are moving into the cloud. Message Queues and especially RabbitMQ has come to play a significant role in the growing world of microservices. After all, it’s one of the
most widely deployed open source message brokers.

Essentially, this book is about RabbitMQ; and who knows about queuing better than a bunch of Swedes*?

- Introduction to Message Queuing and RabbitMQ
- Advanced Message Queuing with RabbitMQ
- User Stories

This book will help you along your RabbitMQ journey.

ISBN : 9789163994326
Format : 170.00 X 240.00
Språk : Svenska
Sidor. : 92
Utgivningsdatum : 2018/11/09
Författare : Lovisa Johansson
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